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    Post: "Another police brutality video"
    Posted by MicheShi on 22 May 2007, 22:51
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    Post: "Police brutality"
    Posted by MicheShi on 17 May 2007, 20:57
    If a picture is worth 1000 words, what's a video worth? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aig6cUDyDNQ] Update: I was being a bit lazy, but Stu asked the question. Here are details of the be
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    Post: "Doug Stanhope on Freedom"
    Posted by MicheShi on 27 Apr 2007, 18:06
    TiGirl recently told you that Doug Stanhope will officially announce his candidacy for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination on Howard Stern's Sirius show on May 3rd. Aside from my silly fant
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    Post: "The Govern-ator Simply Has No Common Sense"
    Posted by CBennett on 24 Feb 2007, 23:16
    You know the saying, "the best nuts come from California", right? The Terminator aka Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks he can ship his state's criminals to another state to relieve the overcrowdin
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