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Liveblogging the GOP debate

As Paulie already mentioned, as many of us as possible are going to be going to be providing live libertarian coverage of tonight’s GOP debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. If Wordpress doesn’t screw up, we’re going to be using this post for that purpose, continually editing it when we have comments - which will probably be often. All you have to do is refresh occasionally (if your browser for some reason decides to cache it and you don’t get any new comments, press ctrl+R to reload without caching). If Wordpress has issues we might have to improvise something, but aside from that, just come to this post when the debate starts (at 7 Eastern Standard Time).

  • [6:49] CNN nicely distills the race to 3 candidates in each party. Great job, guys.
  • [6:59] Paul is on the far right.
  • [7:00] Blitzer: Candidates can take as long as I let them.
  • [7:04] Romney: I’ll answer the questions I want, damn it! Giuliani: INVADE EVERYONE!
  • [7:06] McCain: I didn’t read anything about Iraq, but I know everything! Brownback: I held hearings, but I don’t want to answer your question. I want to chop up Iraq.
  • [7:11] McCain: wars are good, even if Democrats start them. There’s a domino theory at work.
  • [7:13] Brokeback. I mean Brownback: The Iraqi congress gets to vote on US spending! Haven’t you read the constitution?!
  • [7:15] Ron Paul: Everyone here is talking nonsense so I think I’ll be different.
  • [7:15] Hucksterbee: If you don’t think Reagan ended the USSR, invented sliced bread, and led the Hebrews across the Sinai, you are an Al Qaida sympathizer.
  • [7:18] Dunkin’ Hunter: Iran reminds me of Cambodia.
  • [7:20] Hunter and Giuliani: Nuke Iran!
  • [7:21] Romney, Gilmore: Yeah, we agree. Moslems will be more moderate that way.
  • [7:23] Tancredo: Wait, we can’t just hate middle easterners! We need to hate Latinos and Asians too!
    Ein Reich! Ein Volk! Hispanischen Raus!
  • [7:25] Giuliani: I want the government to track everything ever.
  • [7:26] McCain: But wait, there are great privacy-invading features in my amnesty bill!
  • [7:27] McCain, please shut up.
  • [7:28] Giuliani: We need to keep people from leaving the US, too. And bring back Total Information Awareness and TIPS!
  • [7:31] Tancredo: We need a new Berlin Wall. Or maybe a Great Wall, like China.
  • [7:34] Paul: Don’t subsidize illegal immigration. More applause. (But I support the wall too, just not with Canada!)
  • [7:39] Thompson. Yeah, we need a new one in the race. But not Fred. Ed.
  • [7:41] Romney: I experienced a heartfelt conversion on many issues which will help me win the Republican nomination.
  • [7:43] Hucksterbee: Many of my opponents are atheist heathens who believe in evil-lution.
  • [7:45] Brownback: Am not!
  • [7:46] McCain: Am Not!
  • [7:47] Romney: I’m a Mormon. I believe in a church-run state too.
  • [7:47] Paul: Federalism. No, seriously now. Federalism.
  • [7:48] Giuliani: I don’t know if global warming is real, but if it helps the government get more power and money, I’ll agree with it. (most Republicans proceed to agree).
  • [7:52] Ron Paul: Quit subsidizing oil corporations and going to war on their behalf.
  • [7:53] Gilmore: Let’s not just nuke the middle east. America should be nuked too.
  • [7:54] Paul: People being gay is not the issue. Disruption is the issue, if straights cause disruption, they should face the same problems. Not a bad answer on a weird question.
  • [7:56] Giuliani: In a time of WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR
  • [7:59] None of the Republicans would allow gays to serve openly in the military, but some would allow them to serve as long as they are in the closet.
  • [7:59] Thompson: I want Bush to teach kids how to love the government.
  • [8:01] Several people: Reagan was awesome. Bush, not so much.
  • [8:04] Hucksterbee: TSA gropers are great. They should grope Mexicans, too.
  • [8:05] Several Republicans: we’re tough on crime! But we should pardon Republican operatives who out CIA agents for political retribution. Also, border agents who shoot Mexicans fleeing back across the border in the ass, especially if they were smuggling pot.
  • [8:15] Hunter: If we can have anywhere between 5-20 years until the next war in Iraq, it’s totally worth it.
  • [8:17] Brownback: Let’s divide up Iraq, create an army in each one, and sell weapons to all of them!
  • [8:18] McCain: More war is the surest way to peace!
  • [8:19] Ron Paul: We’re not the world’s policeman. Lead by example instead.
  • [8:19] Giuliani: “People can only embrace democracy when they have ordered lives. So we should order it for them.” God I hate Giuliani.
  • [8:23] Gilmore: National security depends on government subsidies for oil corporations and shielding nuclear and oil corporations from liability.
  • [8:24] Giuliani: I’m going to make sense about health care just to confuse people. I don’t think I really mean it. Suckers!
  • [8:26] Hunter: I have no idea what free enterprise means.
  • [8:31] Romney: Fascist health care is better than socialist health care.
  • [8:33] Hucksterbee: I’m pro-life, unless you are of draftable age or a dirty foreigner. I love the welfare state, too.
  • [8:35] Giuliani: It’s a moral imperative to force foreigners to be free. Also, we’re a lot like the communists and fascists we forced to be free, now we’re friends, so I think it will work with the Jihadists too.
  • [8:35] Paul: Pre-emptive war is a really, really bad idea.
  • [8:36] Brownback: We need to defend “life” around the world.
  • [8:38] Romney: Damn, I just got owned.
  • [8:42] McCain: Immigrants are great if they can be used to invade other foreign countries! Yo hablo mucho Espanol. Yo readedo el libre de Dondero.
  • [8:45] Giuliani: If you liked what I did for the NYPD, like shooting unarmed suspects 41 times and putting plungers in people’s asses, you’ll love what I’ll do for America.
  • [8:47] Brownback: I have a government cure for cancer.
  • [8:48] Gilmore: We are the party of principle. And that principle is xenophobia.
  • [8:50] Tancredo: Ask not who wants to come to this country. Ask who this country can keep out.
  • [8:51] Hucksterbee: Immigrants are great, as long as they serve the interests of big corporations and government revenues.
  • [8:52] Giuliani: We need more great Presidents like Lincoln and more great generals like Sherman. I can be both.
  • [8:53] McCain: I think this is a good time to lavish more cheap praise on Reagan to get a cheap applause line.
  • [8:55] Duncan Hunter: I’m more like Reagan than you are.
  • [8:56] Romney: No, I am.
  • [8:57] Giuliani: No, I am. And I hate terrorists the most.
  • [8:58] McCain: No, I hate terrorists the most.

I am at TG’s house, and we have SG on the phone. We are trying hard to put up some video, but the two bottles of red seem to be slowing the mind and not the mouth. Here is a rundown of our initial thoughts.

Miche: OMG! Giuliani was struck by lightning! OK, not really but it did distort the feed.
TG: Miche, Do you now believe in God?
Miche: I will when Ron Paul gets the Repugnant nom. But can you believe that RP still wants a fence? I hope he was being as honest as ever when he spoke of scapegoats.
TG: Can you believe that he supports “Don’t ask, don’t tell?”
Miche: That really bites.

Here’s a photo:


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58 Responses to “Liveblogging the GOP debate”

  1. IanC Says:

    If y’all need it, since I’m on Blogger, I can give you editor’s access to my site, create a post, and you can link to it from here. Don’t know as to how that necessarily helps… but there it is.

  2. Stephen Gordon Says:

    I’m here for the show. Do me proud, guys.

  3. pauliecannoli Says:

    It’s the other Thompson brother….

  4. pauliecannoli Says:

    Giuliani and McCain lied already!

  5. pauliecannoli Says:

    is the buzzer malfunctioning?

  6. pauliecannoli Says:

    Mitt Romney: “if we lie and say the US is winning in Iraq it will make the troops feel better as they are getting their limbs blown off”

  7. Nigel Watt Says:

    Paulie, I think the plan was to edit the actual post.

  8. pauliecannoli Says:

    OK, but it will get quite long….

  9. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    and Mike Huckabee brings up Reagan first ! ding ding ! Drink if you are playing along at home :) (joke)

  10. Nigel Watt Says:

    Yeah, I know.

  11. IanC Says:

    To the topic of troops feeling better sans limbs… aside from the obvious of, y’know, staying intact, there’s always this little number. Within 2 years, when it’s just a limb blown off, we’ll be able to slap ‘em together a new one, tell ‘em to “walk it off!”, and send them right back into the field.

  12. IanC Says:

    Just noticed the Reageny Reagan drinking game. I seriously have to recommend that to a few friends of mine…

  13. Michelle Shinghal Says:

    I’m gonna let you guys go at this- ya’ll are getting it in much faster than I can. I’ll post my thoughts in the comment thread.

  14. Michelle Shinghal Says:

    Hunter: Homeland Security has $1 billion- we only have 11 miles of fence-

  15. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    One of Rudy’s lies - he mentioned a “tamper-proof” ID card at some point. Aint no such animal. Never will be. Ask any expert on the subject.

  16. Michelle Shinghal Says:

    I love it- Guiliani was answering the charge that he was like Pilate and lightning disrupted his comments. LOL

  17. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    evolution - Brownback trying desperately to have it both ways, Huckabee seemed to embrace creationism fully and joyfully (yes, I know he’s a minister).

  18. Nigel Watt Says:

    My “God: Shut the fuck up, Rudy” thing keeps on getting deleted. Huh?

  19. Stephen Gordon Says:

    OK, I’m starting to get confused about the Republican position on a few key issues. Do we torture Mexicans, nuke Iraqis and and go to war with Iran? — Torture Iraqis, nuke Mexico and go to war with Iran? Wait a minute, I think I get their position — if they have darker skin, it’s okay to torture, shoot or nuke them.

  20. pauliecannoli Says:

    Nigel: Not sure if more than one of us can edit the story simultaneously?

  21. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    Stephen, thats pretty much correct. I was aghast when tactical nukes were brought up as a valid response to a nation which specifically was NOT attacking us, but simply doing what we have let several other nations do with no attempt to stop them.

  22. Nigel Watt Says:

    Paul: My other edits showed up, but not my God hates Rudy thing.

  23. pauliecannoli Says:

    I don’t know. Ask God.

  24. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Huckabee — that’s Uniform Code of Military Justice, you moron.

  25. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    Hmm not quite pleased about Ron’s response to the question of gays serving openly in the military. Didn’t Barry Goldwater late in life basically say “YES, let them openly serve without being kicked out ” ?
    Ron seems to accept current policy.

  26. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    Of course, ALL the others are passing the buck ! Typical.

  27. Michelle Shinghal Says:

    pauliecannoli Says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 4:51 pm e

    Nigel: Not sure if more than one of us can edit the story simultaneously?

    That’s why I bowed out.

  28. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    And Rudy wins again ! He really wants to pardon Libby ! the sentence is just SOOOO excessive. someone pick me up off the floor, please.

  29. pauliecannoli Says:


  30. Michelle Shinghal Says:

    Change of plans- I’m going to TG’s house. We’ll post in a few.

  31. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    Rudy talking about terrorist attacks - the 70s, then in 2001. Wait … did he skip over the attack on the WTC in 1993? Why, yes he did !

  32. George Phillies Says:

    Ten Republican Bigots, all in a row.

    When the question is asked, should patriotic service in our armed forces be open to all Americans, or should gay Americans be substantially excluded, the ten Republican bigots all agree that gays not in the closet are not welcome in our armed forces.

    I believe it was Barry Goldwater who said we need soldiers who shoot straight, not soldiers who are straight.

  33. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Giuliani = Shooting people for peace, bombing people for freedom, nuking them for liberty.

  34. pauliecannoli Says:

    Giuliani: Yes we are the world’s policeman. And we’ll put a plunger in your ass and shoot you 41 times!

  35. Jake Porter Says:

    “You don’t have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.” Barry Goldwater

  36. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Romneycare — a healthcare plan one can’t refuse. “We have to have a way to make sure everyone is insured.” “with private insurance” — what a joke.

    Romney’s “free market” solutions works whether someone wants it or not. More freedom at the point of a gun.

  37. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    YES Ron ! He just referenced the first “pre-emptive tactical nuke strike vs. Iran” question and forcefully rejected it !

  38. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Brownback just said the GOP is the party of principle. I think he just stole that line.

  39. pauliecannoli Says:

    Ron Paul: Nice delayed reaction on Iran nuking answers. Late, but good :-)

  40. Stephen Gordon Says:

    Blitzer’s funny line (paraphrased) to Tancredo: Congressman, would you advertise [your campaign] in Spanish?

  41. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    Gee…when you have to say a couple times “I hope they vote for me” in your answer to a question, as Romney just did… that just sounds like desperation to me. No one else actually asked outright for votes like that.

  42. pauliecannoli Says:

    Romney: Immigrants are great. But only if they vote for me!

  43. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    well that was fun ! thanks all for letting me comment !

    I will have to check Chris Dodd’s time clock to see who got the lions share of time - besides Wolf Blitzer.

  44. pauliecannoli Says:



    Adolf Giuliani’s greatest hits (abortion edition)

  45. Thomas L. Knapp Says:

    Yer trackback doesn’t work!

    Here’s my quick wrap on the show.

    And here’s the Haloscan “your trackback got eaten” text, for diagnostic purposes:

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    Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 01:53:51 GMT
    Server: Apache/1.3.37
    X-Powered-By: PHP/4.4.7
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    Expires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT
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    Pragma: no-cache
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    Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
    X-Cache: MISS from vhost.phx6.nearlyfreespeech.net
    Via: 1.0 vhost.phx6.nearlyfreespeech.net:50080 (squid/2.6-DEVEL)
    Connection: close

    Please enter the authentication code.

  46. Nigel Watt Says:

    Tancredo…needs to shut his cakehole about illegal immigrants until he discloses just which planet he’s from … ’cause it sure as hell ain’t Earth.

    - from Tom Knapp’s post linked above. Hilarious.

  47. Robert Mayer Says:

    Funniest comment on the debate:


    Ron Paul was the only person clearly in focus in his remarks. He, alone, appealed to intelligent minds. The others came across as little more than amateur medicine show hucksters, with John McCain playing the role by continually referring to the audience as “my friends.” All that he and the other candidates needed were yellow and green jackets with large plaid stripes, a few bottles of elixir, and a cane to wave.

    ROFL! Butler Shaffer rulez!

  48. Andy Says:

    Great pic of Michelle and Titanium Girl. It looks like you two political junkies had a fun night.

  49. Chuck Moulton Says:

    You guys didn’t mention the highlight of the night!

    In the post-debate analysis after the first program was over Anderson Cooper said something like “Ron Paul - I mean Real Politics - will be next.”

    It was an incredible freudian slip! Anderson Cooper was trying to plug “Real Politics”, but he substituted the words “Ron Paul” on live television, then quickly fixed it.


  50. pauliecannoli Says:

    Didn’t watch the post-debate. Good one.

  51. Darcy Richardson Says:

    Excellent observation by Chuck. I heard the same thing.

  52. Darcy Richardson Says:

    “Ten Republican Bigots, all in a row.” — George Phillies

    Though less than spectacular, I think Ron Paul performed fairly well during last night’s debate, but George’s comment was probably the best line of the night.

  53. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    If anyone can find a link to a transcript of the debate please link it.
    All I can find is videos.

    I mistakenly thought all debates would have transcripts up shortly afterwards, apparently it either takes longer or they won’t put one up.


  54. Darcy Richardson Says:

    Here’s the transcript, Tom:

    With only one dissenter, they all pretty much said: “Blah, blah, blah. My version of fascism will be more draconian than yours. Hey, I’m even willing to use tactical nuclear weapons against Iran!”

    Talk about a “party of fear.” At this point, I’m not sure why someone like Ron Paul, a principled champion of individual liberty and a noninterventionist foreign policy, is even bothering to stand on the same stage with these neanderthals. It’s impossible to embarrass them; they’re all shameless… Scary, too.

    As journalist Walter Lippmann once said, “brains” and intelligence — the ability to think independently — have always been viewed as somewhat “suspect” qualities by the Republicans. The late Gene McCarthy, the witty and erudite 1968 antiwar hero who unseated a sitting President of his own party, agreed, describing Republicans as the lowest forms of plant and animal life.

    Then again, McCarthy may have given them too much credit.

    Plainly stated, the GOP rank and file — those who respond to the party’s mean-spirited and juvenile appeals — are simply too stupid to realize that the so-called “war on terror” is really a war on their own freedom, that the “friendly fascism” described by Bertram Gross and others more than a quarter of a century ago has finally taken hold in the United States and by their very ignorance they allowed it to happen.

    They really don’t get it. It’s much, much later than anyone thinks.

    While Ron Paul’s courageous, long-shot campaign for the Republican nomination will probably draw a few Republican converts to the LP next year, his insurgent candidacy could potentially bring hundreds of thousands of freedom-loving, antiwar Democrats to the Libertarian Party. That’s the irony of his candidacy.

    I hope the LP leadership realizes that potential.

    To paraphrase the advice once given to young New York journalist Horace Greeley that he should “Go West, young man, and grow up with the country,” I would say to the Libertarian Party: “Go Left, young party, and help the country grow up.”

  55. pauliecannoli Says:


  56. Darcy Richardson Says:

    Thanks, Paulie. Two hours of dialogue and about two minutes of wisdom. What a sad state of affairs…

  57. pauliecannoli Says:

    Yep, that about covers it.

  58. Darcy Richardson Says:

    By the way, congratulations to you and Nigel and any others at LFV involved in the liveblogging of the GOP debate. It was truly outstanding — probably the best coverage on the entire web! The witty summarizations of the candidate responses were worthy of some kind of award…

    Great job, guys!

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